In July, 2019, Angela Stone and the mission team from Lawton, Oklahoma will be working again in San Antonio de Cortes, a municipality of about 20,000 people in western Honduras. The team will be working on several projects in partnership with the Municipality of San Antonio de Cortes –

  • Constructing housing for a family to replace the small, dirt-floor mud and wood shack that is currently their only shelter
  • Planting community gardens
  • Constructing the Mission World Church of San Antonio de Cortes
  • Beginning construction of a medical laboratory for a community clinic 

In addition, the team will be –

  • distributing life-sustaining food supplies for families
  • delivering medical supplies and toiletries for children, adults, and the elderly
  • distributing basic items, such as shoes for children, to improve people’s health and welfare
  • equipping community schools that can provide education and a clear path out of crime and poverty for the children

By continuing our presence in San Antonio de Cortes, we help respond to the critical needs of thousands, especially young children, in this poverty stricken area. 

We need your help to help the people of San Antonio de Cortes.  Please join us by praying for these people, and giving whatever you can to respond to their critical needs –

  • $ 25 purchases shoes and sanitary supplies for children
  • $ 50 purchases food and medical supplies for a family
  • $ 100 purchases building materials for a family’s housing
  • $ 250 purchases building materials for the Mission World Church and the medical laboratory for the community clinic
  • Recurring, monthly donations insure that we can respond to people’s critical needs throughout 2019.

Thank you !

During Angela Stone’s many previous mission trips to San Antonio de Cortes, she has collected pictures that show the great spirit, but the many critical needs, of the people there –