Unity Lawton

Unity Lawton is a ministry of Mission World in partnership with many organizations, businesses, churches, and volunteers responding to people’s needs in Lawton, Oklahoma. Many programs are already established, and more programs will begin during the Spring of 2017.

Our Mission

Our mission is to saturate Lawton with God’s love and work with partners in the community to meet the physical, economic, emotional, and spiritual needs of people, sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ.

We are Responding to People’s Physical Needs

We are helping people at the Unity Next Community Center

  • Food drives and a food pantry for individuals and families who need assistance
  • Clothing drives and clothing distribution to adults and families with infants and children
  • Furniture collection and distribution to single mothers and families who are starting over in life
  • Partnering with Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry to battle hunger, feed the homeless, and provide meals for community members in need

During 2017, we will continue

  • Programs to help feed children and youth in low-income neighborhoods, partnering with neighborhood churches
  • Exploring specific ways to improve access to medical and dental assistance
  • Exploring specific ways to provide additional safe, secure day care for the children of single mothers and working families
  • Proposing long-term, public-private partnerships for transitional housing and first-time home buyers

We are Helping Children and Youth

We are already making an impact

  • After School Programs – such as “Read To Me”, a partnership with the Lawton Police Department to provide reading events in low- income neighborhoods
  • Weekend Activities – such as “Leadership 22:6”, a Saturday morning program for children and youth which provides breakfast and lunch, leadership activities, faith-based fellowship, field trips, and fun events
  • Juvenile Mentoringindividual and group mentoring, connecting with youth, teaching them how to handle situations they face so that they can avoid mistakes and break the cycle of despair or dependence

During 2017, we will continue

  • Tutoring Programs – providing safe neighborhood locations where children can receive school-curriculum tutoring in reading, math, and science, help with school work, and study on the internet
  • Community Service for Children and Teenagers – community service projects and leadership activities that teach boys and girls how to serve their community, and provide them with positive role models and influences
  • Day Camp Activities – giving low-income children and youth a chance to get out of their neighborhoods and enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking and fishing in the Wichita Mountains
  • Career Classes – classes that teach young people about career fields, helping them succeed as they consider meaningful career options

We are Responding to People’s Economic Needs

During 2017, we will begin

  • Women’s empowerment conferences and classes, especially for single mothers
  • Abuse support, and assistance with domestic violence situations
  • Improving access to drug and alcohol mentoring
  • Job skills and job readiness training for youth and adults

We are Responding to People’s Emotional and Spiritual Needs

We are already ministering

  • Praying for the people we serve, the people of Lawton, and their leaders
  • Partnering with Faith Church to offer worship services at the Unity Next Community Center Saturdays at 5:00 pm

Get in contact:

Angela Stone, Executive Director of Unity Lawton, Cell: (580) 284-9587, Email: unitylawton@gmail.com

Steve Tiemann, Director of Mission World, Cell: (817) 691-8122, Email: stiemann@mission.cc

Also, remember that Unity Lawton is supported only by private donations – we need your financial help to continue our programs !