You can help children, youth, and adults by volunteering to help in one of our programs, or at one of our events. Even an hour a week, or a couple of hours a month, can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Right now, we need volunteers for –

  • Picking up and delivering food, clothing, and furniture to children and families with urgent physical needs
  • Helping feed children and youth, and leading field trips, leadership activities, and games on Saturday mornings
  • Helping at our Summer programs for children and youth, teaching them life skills, supervising community service projects, and coaching sports activities
  • Mentoring a young person to help him or her make good life choices, or mentoring a single mother to help her learn life skills and job skills
  • Tutoring school-age children in reading, math, and science, and helping with other after-school activities
  • Helping us at community events such as food drives, bicycle safety classes, and neighborhood block parties
  • Providing transportation to school, doctor’s appointments, and job opportunities

Please pray and think about how you can volunteer, then contact us by telephone, text, or email.

ALSO, remember that our community ministries are supported only by private donations – WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS TO CONTINUE OUR PROGRAMS !